Digital Transformation begins with our Co-Wonders

  • Investing in the value, not just building it.

    Ondace believes in investing in value created by applications it builds for its clients. It is the Core Business Strategy and a crucial ingredient in building and executing value-based transformations.

  • We gain with your progress and lose with your loss.

    Ondace is not just a system or an out-and-out services company; we are people who connect to earn trust and build successful products/platforms based on that trust.

  • Skin in the game.    

    Ondace does not focus on service revenue but value created by our work. We take the risk to create wonders, for your gain is our gain.

  •  In your success lies our success.

    Ondace believes in chasing your vision while Success ends up following you. We measure our Success by the Success made by our customers. Your Success is our Goal.

  • Collaborating agility-based administration toward the aggrandizement.  

    Values are the Core Business Strategy and the key to building a new economy by educating people to generate values for their organizations and communities in better ways to grow and transform for the Future ahead to lead and succeed in unity.

  • We are willing to take the risk, are You?

    For our Co-Wonderers involved in the business, it is an exercise to upgrade quality-based creative instincts. They believe success results from hard work, preparation and learning from FAILURE.


Nabil Moidunny
Director and COO at Ondace

Nabil Moidunny, the COO of Ondace leads the operations with his 16+ years of experience in various fields of Delivery Management, Program Management, Project Management and Quality assurance for Software and Game development.

Chandrakanth Patil

Chandrakanth Patil a tech guru and a perfectionist known for heading technology, development practices and deliveries in various realized projects. With over 22+ years of experience in IT, Mr. Patil, the CTO of Ondace, visions a precise success for Ondace.

Shashidhar G S
Director and Head of Technology

Shashidhar GS is a passionate enthusiast who keeps a progressive thought of visual presentation in the field of Digital Architecture. As the Head of Technology of Ondace, he is passionate about building real-time applications.

Rakesh N R
Director, Head - Development and Digital Transformation

Rakesh N R, described as a Development and QA Warrior by his team, is a veteran with 11+ years of experience. He is known for his work as a QA and SME in various domains.

Paul Pandey
Head of Frontend Development

With 16+ years of experience as a scaling, cutting-edge specialist in UI/UX, Mr. Pandey Heads the UI/UX and Frontend of Ondace for web and mobile application development.


Vikram, the Full-stack Lead of Ondace is a young tech ninja. His competent skills in full-stack technologies and developing high-performance applications exhibit his wizardry in the field.

Make Digital Transformation With Us

Together Ondace has visions of energizing business through design and Avant-grade technologies to co-create wonders

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